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Featured Musician

Old Time Dave Talmage

Dave Talmage is a musician based out of Newmarket New Hampshire best known for his acoustic, multi-instrument show, and a singer with a huge repertoire of familiar as well as hidden gems.  There’s some things you can’t “unsee” and his simultaneous rollerblading/hula hooping/fiddle playing performance art is one of those.  A friendly soul with a few lengthy residencies at Seacoast NH's favorite musical venues, Dave is ready to entertain any crowd he can find.  Enormously excited to get out and play live music again in 2021, we’ll see if his nickname “Old Time” Dave Talmage will be effected by the Moderna vaccine, or will he remain Old Timey?  Come out and see for yourself! 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.